We are a company dedicated to creating jewelry and accessories of the highest quality Stainless Steel 316L high polished in which every consumer feels identified and finds in it the motivation and drive to achieve their goals and commitment. Under motivational messages and identification of parts for each area of ​​fitness.

Our brand surpasses in all aspects of cost and quality to the competition, thus bringing to Puerto Rico a great and comprehensive concept of high prestige. In which each trade that we authorize under contract terms will have large-scale gains and the opportunity to provide their customers with the important motivation they need to reach their goals and feel identified.


Our mission is to offer high quality jewelry products to the Latino community through which you feel identified in the field of fitness.


Our vision is to cover each region of the island by means of commerce that are related in the field of fitness, authorizing them to sell our brands at reasonable prices for both retail and retail buyers and at the same time creating our website so that our followers also They can buy through the net.

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Unisex Master GYM, Manatí

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Pro Gym, Guayama

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Magnum Sport Nutrition, Caguas

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Muscle SUPPLEMENT and FITNESS Center, Arecibo

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Vita Sport, San Juan

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Extreme Fitness Club, Añasco

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